Groesbeck Masonic Lodge #354

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Message from the Worshipful Master

 Message from the Worshipful Master

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My Brother All,
As I begin my Masonic Year as Master of Groesbeck Lodge, there are a couple of
acknowledgements that must be made. First, to Brother Jimmy Roe, immediate past Master.
Thank you for your service and we are looking forward to your future service to the Lodge.
Secondly, to the Brethren; I would like to thank you all for showing the confidence in me to
serve as Master of this lodge.
I have six goals for this Masonic Year that I have set which are:
  1. Expand our relationship with OES #810
  2. Expand our activity with the public schools
  3. Expand our charitable programs
  4. Include the Great Light in our stated meetings
  5. Execute an open-air degree
  6. Aggressively pursue building needs including maintenance and space.
We have already made strides toward numbers 1 and 3. I have included ladies from the OES
on two of the special committees and we have waived their $70 per month lodge fee. At our
July stated communication, we had our first reading from the Great Light. We are continuing
the ongoing food drive started by Brother Roe last year. Canned goods can be left at the lodge
in the shopping card provided by Brookshire’s by the front door. We will ask all brethren to bring
a  canned good or goods to each stated communication or make a cash donation of at least one dollar.
As most of you know we have replaced the lodge seating with new chairs. The antique legacy 
chairs are available to Masonic brothers for a donation of $75.00. Many have been spoken for but
there are several remaining. Please consider owning a piece of lodge history and help defray the
cost of the new chairs.
Our lodge is growing, brethren, unlike many lodges in the Grand Lodge of Texas. This is due to 
the hard work, great fellowship, and opportunities to serve that Groesbeck Lodge has to offer. If
you have drifted away for one reason or another, please consider either attending our stated
communications on the 1st Monday of each month at 6:00 pm or the monthly called “Legacy Lunch
Lodge” communication every fourth Tuesday of the month at noon for the purpose of fellowship
and lunch.
Again Brothers, I hope you are as excited about this Masonic year as I am and I hope that you will 
take the opportunity to get involved and help us promote the fraternity in our community.
Together brethren, we can make a difference.


Tom Levi, Master

Groesbeck Lodge #354