Groesbeck Masonic Lodge #354

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Golden Trowel Awardees



Please help us to fill in any Gaps and  make any correction to the following list of "Golden Trowel Award" recipients over the past years so that we can have a complete list:

2018-Butch Luce

                       2017- Morris Nettles                      

2014- Dennis Wilson

    2014-Tommy Lee Hastings

2013-James William Oates-Thornton

2013-David Robert Kale

    2012-Melvin Ray O'Docharty
2011-Kirby Maurice Hyden
2007-Donald Eugene Driscoll

2006-Fred Delone Dawley

2005-Arnold L. Gray

2004-Larry Hugh Stewart

2000-Billy Joe Grubbs-

2000-James M. Jordan- Boggy Lodge

2000-Werner B. Rogers

1998-Elmer B. Stallings- Belden Lodge

1996-Roderick Oliver

1995-Ernest Lee Snider

1994-David Edward Helms

1993-James Wilson Bennett

1992- Howard Lee Van- Bremond Lodge
1991-Wayland Wilson

(Wayland was the first recipient from Groesbeck Lodge)